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Jul 21, 2018

ADVICE ME: I See Myself as a Man Who Can't Take Care of His Wife

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I See Myself as a Man Who Can't Take Care of His Wife, What do i do?

I See Myself as a Man Who Can't Take Care of His Wife

I am married to the daughter of a very rich man. She just loves me naturally, even against her father's wish, she married me. Her parents supported us, when they found out she has made up her mind. Right now I am scared because I don't see myself providing all she needs.

One thing with her is, she doesn't complain or disturb me at all. She doesn't even ask me of anything. I work and I provide for her the little I can afford but she still lives her luxurious life style as she does in her father's house. Her mother wires money into her account 247. She too tells me when her mother gives her money and they are not small amount 300k, 500k.

They are just two girls and a boy in their family. My wife is 33 years. Fine and good, the car we drive was bought by her father when we had twin boys Last three years and this year January, her brother a medical doctor abroad sent her a jeep. I thanked him very well.

Because of this situation, I hardly air my mind to her when she offends me and I bear a lot on my mind. Whenever she sees I am angry, she is the one to ask me to forgive whatever she has done. She is just too good to be real. I don't believe a woman can be this good. I am even surprised she left all her rich ex to marry me. Everyday my mother keep warning me to pet her and not get myself into trouble because my father in law won't spare me if I hurt his daughter and that crushes my pride as a man.

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My father in law too is a very down to earth fellow but he doesn't joke with his daughters. You see, where I was living before I married her, she was very comfortable to stay there,but her mother went and found a house, paid for it and told me she can't allow us live in such place. I refused but my wife pleaded with me to accept. She has never insulted me in any way.

Please I see myself as a man who can't take care of his wife. I see myself as a failure and it weakens me. Like when she wants to make her hair, she uses close to 15k for braids and buys costly weavon 80k, 100k. She respects me and I try alot to help her at home till her mother brought us a nanny and my mother in law is the one paying the woman monthly. I feel so ashamed that my parents in law are running my home from afar. My wife is heavily pregnant now and her parents have planned out her traveling to go give birth abroad. The first twins I went with her to USA, but this time work is tight for me.

My father in-law offered me a job in one of his company, but I rejected it. I did that because I don't want them to see me as a gold digger. I earn 110k per month. It's not that I don't provide for my family, I do give her 2k every day before leaving, that money to me means nothing to her because sometimes she stores them as savings . My worry is, when will she come down to my level and manage with me ? Will that ever be possible. Please for how long will my parents in law run my marriage?

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