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Jul 2, 2018

The Menace of Street Trading in Anambra

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Gov Willie Obiano to curb street trading in Anambra State.

Below are pictures of Okagbue Agba street, Woliwo and other areas in Onitsha. It shows just how street traders have taken over a section of the street. It also depicts the efforts of government in curbing this menace.
The menace of street trading in Anambra

The menace of street trading in Anambra

Their activities litter the streets with all manner of debris, causing traffic gridlock and blocking drainage which often result to flooding and other environmental and health hazards.

This is just a speck compared to the menace of street trading in Anambra State.

The Government of Anambra State had repeatedly called for a stop to all activities relating to street trading. It had also set up a Joint Task Force on the removal of shanties, obstructions, projections and all apparatus that aid street trading.

The Joint Task Force had commenced operation long since and had succeeded in restoring sanity to places in Onitsha like Ajassa, Emejulu, Ezenweke, Ose, Niger street, Sokoto street, Bright street, Bida road, Venn road north and south and the popular Onitsha main market among others.

The JTF had also operated at Ochanja, Upper Iweka, Ezeiweka, Woliwo, Obodoukwu, Okpoko, and adjoining streets; removing projections, shanties and every apparatus of street trading.

Gov Willie Obiano to curb street trading in Anambra State

Gov Willie Obiano to curb street trading in Anambra State

Gov Willie Obiano to curb street trading in Anambra State

The efforts of Gov Willie Obiano to give Anambra State a face-lift is reflected in the various projects and operations going on in the state such as the operation light up Anambra, the removal of silt and debris and unblocking of drainage across the state, construction of roads and drainage, the fight against erosion and many others.

Specific agencies of government are also tackling their tasks head-on to ensure that the benefit of good governance is adequately delivered to the people.

However, the challenges remain, as shown in the case above. There are designated markets in the state where legitimate businesses of all kinds are done daily. Town unions, local and state governments had built markets all over the state where business activities can be carried out. Yet, some prefer to do their businesses on the road.

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It is even more disturbing when government had pleaded, announced, publicized and notified citizens on the need to stop street trading and still some refuse to heed such directives.

Successive governments had made efforts to stop street trading. Sign posts had been erected, banners had been made, public notices had been given but the problem persists.

The present Joint Task Force on the removal of shanties, projections and obstructions and mandated by Gov Obiano to curb street trading in Anambra State is not resting on its oars.

The leader of the Task Force and the Special Adviser (security) to the governor, Chief Chikodi Anarah reiterated Gov Obiano's commitment to restore sanity to the streets of Anambra and stop the menace of street trading totally.

Speaking at an operation yesterday at Onitsha, Chief Anarah observed that a lot of criminals operate in the haze and confusion often caused by street trading. "The shanties and structures built by street traders have become hideouts and hangouts for rogues and petty thieves", he said.

On the environmental implications, Chief Anarah decried the practice of dumping waste in the drainage. He posited that it has become habitual of street traders to dump the waste they generate on the road or in the drainage, hence causing blockage and pollution which eventually give rise to environmental and health hazards.

He advised street traders to relocate to designated markets as government would no longer tolerate their activities on the streets.

The Joint Task Force will Continue operation until the menace of street trading is completely eradicated. The vision of Gov Willie Obiano to make Anambra the Dubai of Nigeria will be achieved.

Ikenna Aniagboso. SSA (communication) 

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