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Jul 23, 2018

PHOTOS: Onitsha New Look After Okada Restrictions

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A new Onitsha births after Okada Restrictions.

Onitsha births after Okada Restrictions

Leadership, of men and materials, entails having the clear vision and capacity to understand the contending societal issues at stake in ones immediate environment and mustering the political WILL to take hard decisions and implementing them promptly.

The salutary aim, of course, is to find lasting solutions to persistent socio-economic or political challenges sabotaging the progresses made, and its all for the common good of the people. In so doing, the leader, acting in concert with the relevant team of technocrats and stakeholders critically analyse all the factors at play and proffer solutions to them.

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This should also include the likely implications on the stakeholders before arriving at a conclusion. But when it has to do with the protection of lives and property, which the leader solemnly swore to carry out before the public, his actions could be more drastic and deafening. Indeed, he would likely be driven by seeking enduring good than pandering to the wishes of critics, or being swayed by the temporary pains of those who may have benefitted from the anomalies being corrected.

It is within this ambiance that the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano had on July 1st 2018, placed restriction on the movements of commercial motorcyclists, popularly called, Okada, in the greater Awka and Onitsha cities. An action which initially was greeted with mixed reactions, had restored sanity to the once noisy, dirty and poluted cities, especially, the Onitsha Metropolitan city.

The commercial city of Onitsha that hosts the largest retail market in West Africa, was formally characterized by careless avoidable motorcycle accidents and noise pollution, occasioned by reckless riders of these motorcycles, have been completely overhauled by the ban.

Also, the covers of criminals and petty thieves who masquerade as commercial motorcyclists in Onitsha, have been blown by the ban. And chased out of the state, hence, reducing the high rate of criminal activities in the city to the bearest minimum.

It is now visible, even to the visually impaired, that Onitsha City, under the Willie Obiano led Anambra state administration, and through the collaboration of the ndi Anambra, is now better, safe and secure for Ndi Anambra, and other Nigerians who live in and carryout their every day businesses in the state.

The government of Anambra State, had through her policies returned the lost glory of the state back. Today, investors are trooping in to Anambra to invest in the Nation's most secured state. With the orderliness that returned as the effect of "okada" ban, surely the state will record more inflocks on investors.

Written By: Obika Chidiebele.

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