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Aug 24, 2018

Can You Judge A Lady by the Kind of Posts She Puts Online?

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Can You Judge A Lady by the Type of Posts She Puts Online?

Can You Judge A Lady by the Kind of Posts She Puts Online

Good day. How are you all doing? I want to ask please, can you judge a lady by the kinds of post she puts up on her timeline? There is this lady I admire on Facebook. What attracted me first was her beautiful photo, when I started reading her wall, I started asking myself, is she real? She doesn't even spare men at all.

The worst is that any man that ask her questions like, " what beef do you have with men, is your father not a man too?" Her response will be choking. What surprises me also is, when she goes to other people's wall, she dialogues calmly.

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I am confused because I am seeing two different people in her. I tried advising her ending of last year in her inbox, to sometimes write something good about men, that men can't be painted bad all the time, she came on me with a wild response like fool, get out! I feel she is hurt. Even with her bashing on men, I still see a loving personality. I was chatting with my friend who is also her Facebook friend, a lady. She said to me run and don't look back, she said she sound bitter. What can I say to her for her to give me a listening ear? I just want to give it a try, I like her a lot .

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