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Aug 16, 2018

How Do I Solve My Man Weak Erection Problem: Lady Cries Out

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How to Solve Weak Erection Issues

How Do I Solve My Man Weak Erection Problem

Admin could you please help me post these so that your experienced readers can help me out.

My marriage is 4yrs+. Before we married, my husband told me bluntly that he is not all that strong when it comes to s*x, he can't go more than one round and that I shouldn't expect him to be able to be making love to me every day like some men do but he will always satisfy me in his own little way. He can't have erection without being touched, early money erection that other men do have he has never experienced it before. We made love once in a while and I am not worried. 

But months ago he told me that someone said I might have infection which might be the cause of his weak erection since it's getting worst everyday and he forced me to go for medical test and everything came out negative and the only thing they saw in my blood was micro fileria which the Doctor told me it's not deadly disease but gave me some drugs. I explained everything to my husband but he took the lab test to another Doctor without my consent and up till this day I pretended like I never knew what he did.

Few weeks ago he said it was when I stepped my foot into his house that he started experiencing this constant weak erection, I didn't say a word to him, he has been taking several medications both traditional and English and none seem to be working. He blamed me that since the last love we made 3 weeks ago that his joystick has not risen up. 

I have checked myself, but nothing seems to be wrong with me both spiritually and physically. 

Note : he drinks but not always, his sp*rm is not affected because we have two children already. He has been visiting many Doctors and has been going for medical test and taking his medications religiously and from the little I could read from his lab test it's not something very serious, that is why I am really concerned

How do I handle this without offending him because I can't imagine myself being the cause of his weak erection.

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