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Aug 16, 2018

Am Confused: I Feel God Has totally Forgotten Me

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2018 Is a Bad Year for Me, I feel God Has Forgotten Me

I Feel God Has totally Forgotten Me

Please help me advice this My friend. She is in deep pains right now.

My life started perfectly this year, Expecting my child, great job, good friends and a healthy family. All of a sudden in March I lost my child. He died from causes unknown.

Still grieving the loss of my child, I was involved in a hit/run accident, Later heard from the police, it was kidnap criminals running from the Military. They were caught but useless to my fate.

Their car rammed into the roadside shop that I stood by buying fruits. Me and the woman’s teenager were hit but I in particular was badly hurt, their gateway Land Rover tires climbed my body from waist down breaking my legs.

I have spent from April 13 lying Down in pain. From the hospital and surgery to moving home and staring at the ceiling daily.

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In June I started having less pain. I tried to get pregnant again, it’s not happening till now. I even make my husband have s*x almost everyday to no avail.. why and how is that possible for a fertile woman and a healthy male to have intercourse yet no pregnancy.

This August I have started physiotherapy but in my quiet times, I can’t help but feel God doesn’t love or care about me. Why is everything happening to me?

Because I haven’t worked in my company for up to 6 months, they only paid me for the 1st 2 months I worked. Since June I have been on my own totally depending on my husband for every need.

How can a seemingly good life suddenly turn around and become ones worst nightmare? 2018 is officially my worst year ever! Everything I planned failed! All of it.

I come on social media see beautiful babies popping out everywhere, people having thanksgiving, while I lie here miserable.

Please, Is there a God? Why me, why me?

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