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Aug 19, 2018

HELP ME: My Husband Starves Me S*x Each Time I Need It

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My husband denies me s*x always

 My Husband Starves Me S*x Each Time I Need It

Am worried! me and my hubby have not talked to each other since one week now.

My marriage is 15 years now blessed with 3 loving children, 1 girl and 2 boys.

Dear Naijanewstv Readers, it all started 2 years after our marriage, I noticed that he has a wicked heart that any time we have a misunderstanding he will starve me of s*x and food sometimes 5 or 6 months and each time it happens I will end up asking outsiders for money.

I am not emotionally attached to him that is why most times we quarrel. We quarreled to the extent he once took me to social welfare, police station with his sisters.

Last year he was in a relationship with a widow called chinyere but when i questioned him about it he almost fought with me all because I asked the woman through phone to leave my home for me and my husband. Due to the action I took for the sake of my marriage, my husband broke my phone in the process.

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He only makes love to me when he only want it not when I want it and that has even made me to hate having s*x again I have never for once cheated on him.

Last week Saturday night he came for s*x and I said no! that I need us to talk about a lot of things about our bedroom stuffs and he said no! that I am talking nonsense that the only thing he wants from me now is s*x and I boldly maintained my no to him.

On Sunday morning I ask him for money for food and he refused to give me till date. I am indeed tired of his wickedness on me, I just want to be on my own as he said i should stay on my own.

You people will not understand what I have passed through in his hands. He is just wicked to me and he does not value our relationship.

Before now he always starve me of food even while am pregnant, also he always locks me inside the house each time we have serious issues.

The thing is that I love s*x yes I do love it but I do not get it from him the way I want. I am dyeing. Though I saw some of this signs before my marriage with him but at that time I needed help.

Even my career is a no to him I am tired of his wickedness I want to be loved. I know he doesn't love me.

Please advice me on what to do. Am really confused right now.

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