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Sep 28, 2018

Am About Losing My 9 Years Marriage Because of My Friend, What Do I Do?

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Am About Losing My 9 Years Marriage Because of My Friend, What Do I Do?

Am About Losing My 9 Years Marriage Because of My Friend

Please everyone, I am about losing my marriage of 9 years. Help me post to your friends, I need advise let me not have a failed marriage please.

The worst part is that my husband warned me but I didn't listen at all. I thought he was trying to cut me off from my friends but I have learnt a big lesson with what I have experienced.

This my friend that he warned me is a single mother and she is really a nice person but fell into the hands of a wrong guy. She took a loan for her business because she has a saloon and she has customers. I stood as her guarantor and gave my husbands second car particulars as the collateral without letting my husband know and she didn't tell me she was taking the loan for her boyfriend who promised to marry her .

We have been friends for 7 years now. The loan is 1.6 million. She told me she was paying up but all were lies because the guy left her after 2 months she gave him the money and she didn't know how to tell me .

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Let me be brief, she sold everything in her shop and paid 240k and didn't tell me about what happened till the people she took loan came to our house . They first met my father in-law when they came in before he directed them to my husband. All these things came as a surprise to my husband and he was speechless and allowed them take me first . Locked me up for three days to know if I can provide the lady, but the truth is I don't know where she is. He then asked them to take the jeep and set me free.

He warned them that the jeep should not have a scratch till he gets to the root of the matter and settle the fee. I don't even know where the lady is from or her home town. Her lines are not going when all these started.

I did that on trust, don't even know if I was jazzed because I don't understand . It was last two month that her lines started ringing but no picking . My husband has paid 960,000 and since this issue came to the know. I was not doing anything before but last year I got a job but my husband asked me to stop work because I had a miscarriage.

Before I left the house, he changed, he don't talk to me except our kids and the nanny. I mean nothing to him anymore. He sleeps out and come back anytime.

Last two weeks, he asked me to leave his house and don't touch our children, that I should wait for his lawyer. I left and I am at my sisters place because my mother sent me out, that I can't stay in her husbands home.

Please help me, if you want his number, let me give you. Please save my marriage please. I am 35 years, my husband is 45 years.

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