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Sep 22, 2018

At Rebecca's Feet [Humor and Crime] Episode 1

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Hello everyone, today we are starting another tale series titled At Rebecca's Feet, this story is filled with humor, crime scenes and lots more. i promise you will enjoy these one

At Rebecca's Feet

Intro: Temptation in Cubana Lounge.

I thought I had seen it all but the moment I saw her, time stood still. My past and all I thought I had seen became pale; even the loud hip hop song from the sound system became as noisy as the barking sound of a mad dog. One look was enough: just a glance froze the content of my belly and pumped excess blood to my head.

As she walked towards me, I fixed my eyes on her face. She saw the effect she had on me, and smiled. I knew I would fall into her temptation. I knew it and didn’t care. I perceived that tangling with a lady like her could be dangerous and didn’t care about that either. Slowly, she walked like a tigress hunting a prey and passed me by. But nothing would stop me from falling into her trap. There must be a lot to gain. A woman with a figure like hers must be something else behind the closed doors - I appealed to my conscience to justify its weakness - if she wasn’t, then nothing on earth was real.

She was small and perfectly created, her cloth was fashioned in a manner that would show her beautiful shape. Her face housed a pair of bold eyes, a small nose, and lips that kept me wondering if she was a porn star. She walked seductively to the transparent door, pushed it carelessly and slid into the VIP.

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The lounge bouncers murmured inaudible greetings as she walked onto the stage. There was an empty space on the stage’s lounge seat on which she helped herself and appeared like a queen on a deserving throne.

Still on the other side of the lounge, I was totally lost to the rest of the world. I observed everything from the moment she cat-walked into the lounge to the moment she gracefully perched on the seat. Since I started visiting Cubana Lounge, and since I started lusting after sirens, she was the most adorable human I have ever seen.

Adjusting her blouse, she crossed her left leg on top of the right and turned. Our eyes met once again and she kept a steady stare and instantly, I became uncomfortable. My sanity was at her mercy and she planned not to cast the spell out. Even if she tried, I wouldn’t allow her. Then, she looked away. When she turned the second time, I lost my self-will. Nothing could have held me back. With the courage of a female dog in heat, I stood up and drained the last beer in my tumbler, and like a cow in a haste to visit the slaughter, I boldly walked towards the stage.

This story At Rebecca's Feet was written by Ozii Anieto

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