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Sep 6, 2018

How Can I Trust My Husband Completely, Am Suffering From Jealousy

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Am Suffering From Jealousy, How Can I Trust My Husband Completely?

Good day everyone on these platform, please am highly disturbed I am married for about 1 year plus. My husband is a nice man. Jealousy is destroying my marriage.

The problem is with me. How can I trust my husband completely. He does not cheat. But he is this type that every woman around me feel am too lucky to have him.

So I get so jealous. Any time we have little issue I accuse him of infidelity . but I know he is not doing that. How can I trust him completely. I feel so bad after each quarrel .

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Today we had a little issue. And I was giving him the silence treatment. I ended up accusing him of infidelity. I always do that without thinking.

He is this kind of person everybody like. He is so sincere. And I don't like especially girls liking him.

I am too jealous. But I can't help myself. It causing more problem at home. How can I stop it so that there will be peace in my home. How can I stop it. I want to overcome jealousy. I need help

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