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Sep 25, 2018

I Feel Like Killing Myself, Lady Cries Out [Please Advice Her]

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I Feel Like Killing Myself, Lady Cries Out. 

Good day everyone. I really have something bothering me. I am 25 years old. have been dating my boyfriend for 6 years now, I met him from the scratch and have been with him all this years through thick and thin.

Now he is very comfortable because he got a job with an oil and gas firm and a very attractive salary and position. Before he got that job, I was the one fending for him because I got a job immediately after serving.

He made so many promises to me while he was still broke, how he will pay me back for all I have done for him, how he will never disappoint me, how he will spoil me with the good things of life and the rest.

I kept believing and praying for his success even more than myself and family to an extent that when ever I open my mouth to say a prayer or make a declaration, is always about him and him alone. God answered us and boom! He started misbehaving.

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The good and humble man I have known this years has gone bad. This was not the life he promised me. His first promise was to go see my people once he gets a good paying job. Now the job came, he isn’t talking about that anymore.

He is the first son and suddenly all the family burden is now on him. He bought a car for his parents, he bought a 4 bedroom bungalow for his parents and siblings too, almost all his salary is going to the family. He don’t even reserve anything to himself.

He don’t even have a car of his own. He always tells me that he wants to settle his family first before talking about his own.

I got pregnant for him early this year and he said I should abort it that he is not ready yet. His family has accepted me long time ago but due to family problems and high wants from his dad, he is finding it difficult to save for himself even his mum do advice him to save for himself  incase of tomorrow but the dad don’t want to hear that one. Honestly, I feel like killing myself right now.

His mum is a very nice woman who is willing to do anything for me.Whenever I remind him of making out small savings to at least pay my pride price, he sees it as desperation. The funniest thing now is that he has turned to a chronic cheat!! He locks his phones and when ever I gain access to his phone, all I do is to cry all through.

I went through his phone last week and saw a chat of him and a girl where they were discussing about their se!x escapades. It happened that the girl visited and stayed for 3 days.

I confronted him about it and all he could do was to laugh and up-till now he haven’t even explain anything to me or even try to deny it. He has been mute.

I’m really getting tired of the whole thing and thinking of the next thing to do because I’m seeing it that he is really taking advantage of my quietness and the thought of what I’ve been through in this relationship is getting me crazy.

Please how do I handle this issue now because I’m loosing it already?? How can I suffer to buildup a relationship for 6 good years and all I get in return is betrayal and disrespect.

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