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Sep 6, 2018

POETRY: Like Mother Like Son

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Like Mother Like Son Poetry Written by Jude Idada

POETRY: Like Mother Like Son

I spent the evening with my friend Sandra.

We discussed the post I had made yesterday about genetic memory.


In the course of which she told me a story.

About her first son.

Whose pregnancy she carried during a theatre production for the musical "My Fair Lady."

She was 8 months gone at the time.

And fanatical about music.

All forms.

During the rehearsal and performance of the musical, there was an actor who performed one of the songs in the musical.

When he sang it, he always did it off key.

One key lower.


And it was infuriating.

It bothered her so much every time he did it.

But what surprised her every single time he sang it, was not just how irritating he sounded, but how violently her baby kicked in her womb.

As though it could feel her irritation.

It was a forceful kick.

A protest.

Like the baby had never kicked before.

And when the musical run was over, the baby never kicked like that before.

When she gave birth to the baby.

A boy.


In the euphoria she forgot about the strange kicks he had given her.

And didn't remember until he turned around 8 years old.

They had gone for a party.

And at the party that song was played.

The same song the actor had so awfully song.

When the first bars hit, even before the lyrics sounded, her son had immediately clamped his hands on his two ears and shouted.

"I hate that song!"

And surprised she had asked him where he had heard the song before, owing to the fact that it was very rarely played on radio or at parties.

And never played at home.

He responded.

"I have never heard it before."

"Then why do you hate a song you have never heard?"

"I don't know, I just hate it!"

It was then she remembered the kicks.

And she froze in shock as she stared at him.

He had an ear for music just as she has, listened to everything she listened to and her negative reaction to the actor who sang the song badly imprinted on him too.

Like mother, like son.

Her son who grew up as a child prodigy.

Music runs in his veins.

Although young, he is now a Professor of Music at a tertiary institution in Canada.

And Sandra surmised it all by saying.

"What I know for certain is that while pregnant, your child, is highly influenced by things you enjoy and detest, even things which horrifies you, every single thing shapes their perception and proclivities, they are like a blank computer disk into which you are downloading info. That is why it is important for a pregnant mother to always stay happy, well nourished, no junk food eating, reading, listening to music, staying away from negativity, surrounding themselves with love and people who have good auras, most importantly speaking with the unborn baby, continuously, positive reaffirmations, endearments and proclamations."

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