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Sep 22, 2018

Living With a Feminist [Literature]

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Living With a Feminist

Hello everyone, you need to read these article we titled Living With a Feminist.  Most of the things stated here are based on what some married men do face at home. Just as we always say, do not forget to share after reading.

She sluggishly staggered into my space and shrieked my name as if I were deaf. And again, I responded with a loud silence. She has called for more than 4 times but I was in a deep disturbing thought. A disturbing thought about her: the woman I share my roof with. She has changed.

She accuses me of house scattering and dramatizes my inability to remove my shoes outside - But the fact remains that I am considerate and have sacrificed a lot for her comfort. Yes, because our wardrobe is not big, sometimes I leave a singlet in the sitting room, or trousers on the kitchen's door, or hang a shirt on the dinning seat. All these, which are a sacrifice to provide enough room for her dresses, go unappreciated.

'Didn't you hear your name?'

Because I was at peace with my bed, she towered over me and might be eyeing me... But na persin wey look Uche face know say Uche dey vex. I slowly raised my head and expressionlessly stared at her. If she was there for a nag, I would return the favor. I just needed the slightest opportunity to empty my mind on her.

"When last did we visit Jevinik?'

I exhaled. So all the screaming was over making another capitalist richer. Had my mother suggested such for my dad in the early 80's, I would have been the last born. The last 2 boys wouldn't have joined us.

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'See what a woman concerns herself with. A married woman for that matter. Azukwa gi azu: were you well bred?'

'You do not even know why I raised it. Besides, what's biting you?'

That question was all that was enough excite my outrage. I wasted no time to push all her transgression to her face:

Why is it difficult for her to emulate the biblical Sarah and address me as 'My Lord'. This was a girl I took my whole village to her house and in front of all my relatives and hers, she knelt down and served me. I overheard people complimenting on how respectful she was; little did any of us know that the gesture ended there. I never knew.

As I was raging, she allowed me to empty everything thing in me.

'Let me tell you, woman, I will be the one giving orders in this house. Do you hear me?'

She shook her head and eyed me in a condescending manner: 'See who is talking. Before you married me, you sent a poem daily. When last did you send me a common text message? Where is the breakfast in bed and the hang outs. Don't get me started before I expose your fraud.'

'What does poems got to do with calling me 'My Lord' and kneeling while serving me?'

She acted as if the question was unimportant. 'I see you are idle. I just want to inform you that the food is ready and I made it...'

'I am not joking' - my expression showed I was dead serious - 'I won't take orders from you in this house...'

I still had a lot to say when she softly ordered:

'Go and eat your food at the dinning.'

I would take that order. I would have regretted disobeying such a humanitarian gesture. I would later tell her to order me around when such delicacies are ready. I see nothing wrong in listening to your wife. See photo of what I would have missed below...

Living With a Feminist

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