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Sep 15, 2018

ADVICE ME: My Man Has Stopped Talking to Me After He Professed Love to Me

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My Man Has Stopped Talking to Me After He Professed Love to Me

My Man Has Stopped Talking to Me After He Professed Love to Me

I have been a silent follower of these site, I need your advice. Kindly withhold my identity and post for me.

I met my secondary school teacher on Facebook after 15 years and we became friends. We became so close that at any time I can rightly guess what he's doing. We shared our past experiences and freely discuss anything. Along the line he started professing love to me, telling me I'm his kind of woman and wanted something serious with me. He's six years older than me. But I'm still being careful for him not to mess me up.

Something happened last week Thursday. I had a dream of him flirting with one of us back then in school and told him of the dream. I even teased him with the dream asking him if he have an eye on the girl. So we then talked about dreams generally and I told him when I was much younger my dreams do come to reality exactly the way I dreamt of it but i lost the gift in the long run. But honestly I never took the dream serious because I felt I dream base on the fact that he told me some days before the dream that he was on a chat with the girl and asked me if she is married and I told him to ask her and not me. (She's divorced with a son).

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Two days later which was on Saturday a friend of mine and also a friend to both the girl and my teacher called me very early in the morning asking me why I discuss what she told me about my teacher and the girl with my teacher that the girl called her and shouted at her for discussing it with someone, that my teacher called her and told her that he was joking with whatever they discussed. I was shocked because I never had such discussion with anyone. I only dreamt of it.

On Sunday night one talk led to another between my teacher and I so we had to talk about it. Though I never planned discussing it with him because it's not important to me.

He explained that he never for once wish or have any reason to date the girl that they talk like any other friends. That he do call her to hang out with him just the way he calls both his male and female friends but she has never honored the invitation but promised to when next she's around. He said he never apologized or told the girl he's joking, he just told her that she misunderstood his person and actions that it wasn't what she was thinking and deleted the girl from his Facebook. He said I should ask the girl to clear my conscience that he is not a baby for my pranks I called dream because he don't believe I had any dream. I told him wasn't interested in asking anyone anything and I believed his words because he is a very disciplined and principled guy.

After that day he became cold to me. I tried asking why the coldness but he just said all is well. We only say 'hi' on chat now and that's all.

Please, do you think there's need to still ask him why he's cold because to me if he's for real i think this talk is too small to come between us. Am worried.

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