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Sep 28, 2018

My Man Wants Me To Be A House Wife [Advice Me Please]

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My Man Wants Me To Be A House Wife , Advice Me.

My Man Wants Me To Be A House Wife

Please I want the house to advice me on these. I am a mother of two, I am 25 years old and my husband is 35 years old. My man is training me in school but before he enrolled me he told me that am just going to school to get certificate that I won't work for anybody.

When he married me I was going to his shop to help him but after sales I do count some of the money and put in my hand bag because our boys don't come with any bag to the shop, and the money was a bit huge.

My hubby came and ask for the money which I told him, he ordered me to bring out the money and give it to my boy when I refused he shouted at me before my boy that I should bring out that money which I did.

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Since then I decided I can never come close to his business anymore. I also carried palm slippers from my friend to sell and do make little money to at least help myself and my family since he don't give my people money often except on festive periods.

He asked me to return the palm slippers back from where i brought it, when I refused he stopped giving me money for food.

I also begged him to allow me do small thing to help myself he refused, I then saved some money and started some thing small without his consent am afraid to tell him because if I do he will stop giving me money.

please what can I do am not the lazy type I really want to do something for myself as a woman he just want me to sit at home. Am five years in marriage now. ma pls hide my identity and help me post .thanks.

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