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Sep 25, 2018

My Wife Is About to Divorce Me Because I Don't Last Up to 3 Minutes When we Make Love [Advice Me]

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My Wife Is About to Divorce Me Because I Don't Last Up to 3 Minutes Inside Her

My Wife Is About to Divorce Me Because I Don't Last Up to 3 Minutes When we Make Love

Please Post This For Me Let My Fellow Parliamentarians help with their ever reliable pieces of advice.

Good day everyone, my friend who is not on this platform is having a serious marital problem with his wife. This issue has long been eating him deep. I actually do not know what to tell him to help the situation as he needed an urgent help currently.

He is a businessman, not very rich but he lacks nothing. He married a very beautiful wife. The marriage has been sweet and interesting judging by my observations. Because I was admiring their union so much especially when they got married newly in June last year.

But for about 6 months now, I began to notice that the love that existed between these couple has been dying secretly. They don't go to church together anymore, the man never goes to his Shop before without first dropping his wife and little Niece who lives with them to school, because the wife teaches in the secondary section of the his niece's school.

But now the wife prefers jumping Okada than being dropped by the husband. Currently, the man would take his niece to school with his car while the wife will stay back and board okada some minutes afterwards.

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Before now, the wife had never for any reason slept while the husband is still outside at night, I and the husband use to watch football matches together at times at night, and his wife would be calling repeatedly for the husband to come back home. Unlike now, such things now belong to the past. Even if the man sleeps outside his wife doesn't care.

To cut the story short, I went to the man's office on Saturday and met him so depressed and confused. I forced him to confide in me what has been troubling him, at first I thought its a business/Financial related issues. But after several hesitation, he managed to tell me that I wouldn't understand what he's passing through because am not yet married.

When he found out that I was too determined to know what was bothering him. He said that his wife which he married barely 1 year ago is about divorcing him because he Doesn't last up to 3 minutes inside her during Se!x.

That he is suffering from Severe Quick Emasculation. That he has taken several medications to delay ejaculation and sustain his erection all to no avail. According to him, he dated his Wife for 4 months before marriage and they only made love twice before they got married. Now he's confused and so loosing it. He is now even ashamed of himself that he doesn't even make advances to his wife and his wife too hardly have feelings for him again because she doesn't enjoy him at all.

Please, he needs help and advice. I promised him that I would table his problem to one platform like that let's see if one or two possible solutions could come out.

They have no child yet, the wife had a miscarriage in May this year.

I will leave whatever am doing to be with him to read for him all the contributions from the Parliament. I believe some persons out there might be passing through such problems too, so we can solve some problems with our contributions. Thank you!

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