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Sep 4, 2018

My Wife Only Allows Me to Touch Her 4 Times in a Month ( Please Advice Me)

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Nigerian Man Laments His Wife Only Allows Him to Touch Her 4 Times per Month

My Wife Only Allows Me to Touch Her 4 Times in a Month

Good morning to you all. Please post and handle this for me. My marriage is 4 years and my wife is 29 years, I am 37 years old. After my first child, it took my wife 7 months to start allowing me touch her.

 I didn't complain. Our baby is 2 years 9 months old. My wife is a stay at home mum. I work in my late father's company with my siblings and my mum. Please is it good, in a month, my wife allows me touch her not up to 4 times and it's with begging and pleading.

I got tired of talking to her and decided to bring her father in to speak to her. We traveled for the weekend for a wedding and my hope is to spend the Sunday at their place and we travel back on Monday morning because we left our son with my mother. In the afternoon, I went to speak to her father because her parents got divorced and her father trained them by himself. When I brought up the se!x issues for the man to plead with me and advise my wife.

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He started asking me how many times should my wife give me se!x? is four times a month not enough? Is his daughter a yam that I can eat as I want ? That what nonsense am I talking about? That he is disappointed.

I lost balance and felt very bad. I left that day to the hotel . Everyone reading these post, please is se!x four times a month ok ? Is it that my wife doesn't love me or what ? I wanted to fix her somewhere in the company, she said our baby is still small. I don't understand her at all please. I need solution.

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