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Sep 15, 2018

ADVICE ME: My Wife Treats Her Mum Well Than My Mum

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My Wife Treats Her Mum Well Than My Mum and It Has Been a Burden to Me, Please Advice Me

My Wife Treats Her Mum Well Than My Mum

Good day everyone, please me and my wife needs your advice. We are in the 7th year of our marriage and we use to pay in 10,000 Naira each for our mothers.

My wife don't waste time in transferring her own mothers money, but my own mothers own can stay extra one week before she does that. I use to give her the money in cash because I don't do mobile banking. I just want her to handle the finances and house expenses. So all the money I give her comes in cash.

Whenever I get angry that she delays my own mothers money, her response will be. Does your mother even need the money, are your sisters and brother not capable of taking care of your mother without your own contributions? I just want to be contributing my own quota because my mum single handedly trained us when my dad died.

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My wife have two eldest sisters who are married to rich men, still yet she keep telling me her sisters don't see to their mothers upkeep. My mother in-law seem to me like an unappreciative human being.

Do you know that it will take her 2 weeks to call and say thank you for the money ? Immediately my mothers own hit her account, the first person she will call is my wife before calling me. My wife is a teacher but I don't care to ask her how much she earns.

The 20,000 Naira we pay for the both mother come from my pocket. The money my wife paid in for her mother since August 21st yesterday was when she called me at work to say thank you. This is a 51 year old woman . I feel there is no need of that anymore. I told my wife countless times that I don't like her mothers behavior at all. Do you know that sometimes she calls my wife and tell her to greet me for the money.

Twice she has come for omugwo, The second time, I gave her cash because the first time she came for omugwo of our first son, I bought her 2 hollandaise and gave her a carton of Soap with cash of 20,000 Naira, later on when I had issues with my wife, she brought it up, that I gave her mother peanuts when she came for omugwo.

So on the second one. I gave her 70,000 Naira and now my wife is pregnant for our third child. I just told her that our nanny can handle things now, that mama shouldn't bother for omugwo, she just looked at me and called me a joker.

We have a nanny, she is experienced and a widow with two kids 43 years old. Advise us because we are here . I am 40 years, my wife is 36 years old.

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