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Sep 6, 2018

The Man I Married Loves Sleeping With Other Ladies Instead of Me, What Do I Do?

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My Husband Loves Sleeping With Other Ladies Instead of Me, Lady Laments.

The Man I Married Loves Sleeping With Other Ladies Instead of Me

Please my story is too long but will try cut it down a bit.

Am a married woman I married 2017, January to be precise. But some times I don't even know if I should tell people am married or single.

The man I married just want to fulfill that gap or space of marriage. Just to answer a married man any other thing is none of his business.

Since January 2017, I married my husband we have only seen 2 times and I did the visiting. I live in Lagos while he lives in Port Harcourt.

No calls, no massages, no visiting, when I complain we will quarrel till God knows when.

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The second time I went to visit him, we had issues as usual and I got angry and left to town because I was supposed to travel back to Lagos the next day.

He told his friend to call and beg me, I forgave him, before then I have paid for a hotel where I will put up till the next morning before leaving for Lagos. But because the friend begged me, I had to tell him where I was logged.

At night I wake up to ease my self and a message came in, he slept off while chatting with the phone still in his hand. So I picked up the phone to keep. I saw the person still typing I decided to read the message.

Honestly, I cried my eyes out. This is what the massage says..

Husband... My wife came into town.
Lady.. Wow, thats enough fu!cking now.
Husband. No I haven't touched her since we married, she got me angry now and am not going to touch her,
Lady.. Haba why now.
Husband. My dear I won't am tired already. I paid for a hotel where we are now, I will wait till she leaves in the morning when she goes I will invite a babe and give her the best fu!ck of her life.
Lady.  Hmm
Husband.. Yes dear I wish you are around now, I missed your sucking, and the way I suck you too.
Lady. Haba that's too bad now. She's human, even though I would love to fu!ck you, but then she's your wife, You need to fu!ck her so she won't get the satisfaction outside
Husband.. I don't care, she's free to do whatever she wants.
My love let's do video call and am hard now, I need to masturbate so I can cum
Lady.. When ur wife is there with you?? Chai you are not being fair.

Readers please am I still a married woman?? I couldn't hold it. I cried all night.

In the morning when I was dressing up to go, he was like nne be fast now so you don't miss your bus.
I now told him what I read from his phone.. I told him this will be the last time he will see me. Hotel I paid with my money is what you want to invite another woman over and fu!ck??

Please everyone, is there Joy in marriage because am not getting any?
Am so tired and scared. Please help me.

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