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Oct 26, 2018

Fiction: Americana Written by Obidike .C. Michael

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Americana Written by Obidike .C. Michael

This short fiction AMERICANA by Obidike C. Michael is an interesting one. Don't forget to share it after reading.

Grin! Grin! Grin! Rung the bell. In harmonious echoe , the whole school yelled, yeeeeeeeh! Like vomit, the students poured out into the school compound to observe the break. Soon, the compound was littered with students engaging in all sorts of activities; the junior students seemed to be the most excited of the lot; with intense glee, they darted from place to place. Some played crowded soccer with no goal posts, while others did mock gymnastics having themselves doubling as umpires and spectators. The senior students seemed to be more aware of the environment. They were seen in two's and three's, conversing, buying, eating, drinking and giggling away...This is what a typical break period was like in Aunty Alice college.

Americana Written by Obidike .C. Michael

Few minutes after the second bell announced the break was over, Mr Austin- our economics teacher graced our classroom. Upon sighting him, all stood up and in unison roared, ''good A'fternoon sir''.

''Good afternoon student's", how are you all doing?'' He replied.  ''We are fine, thank you Sir'', we chorused.   ''OK, you may have your seats now'', he ordered, before writing boldly on the black board, ECONOMICS, and the topic, TYPES OF ECONOMIC SYSTEMS below.

 "This is our topic for today, he said. I need all of you to pay attention, listen to me first before you scribble anything on your note books. You cannot pen down what you do not understand. Hence, actively listen to get the gist before you note down anything'', he passionately instructed. "In the previous class, we earlier defined Economics according to Lionel Robins, as the science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses..."

 ''Now, can anyone tell us the types of Economic systems there is?' He probed.

Few hands popped up simultaneously.

 ''Alright, you there! he pointed at Amaka- stand up and tell us'. Amaka stood up, neatly dressed in a yellow barret, yellow stripped-top, yellow skirt and yellow socks tucked in a black flat cover shoe. She answered in a crisp, flowing American accent such that her 'R' were slurred and words came out from her nasals.  ''The types of Economic systems we have are: the Capitalist, the Socialist and the Mixed or Dual economic systems'.

''Good. Put your hand together for her'', ordered Mr Austin.  The class jammed their palms together and it produced a loud continuous clap.

''What is your name young lady?'' He asked gazing at Amaka."

"My name is Amaka Ugu'' she replied blinking her eyes.

 ''A.k.a, Americana'', shouted a boy called Chigozie from the back. The whole class erupted in laughter. Amaka sat down feeling embarrassed. She never saw that coming.

"Shut up all of you, who said that? Barked Mr Austin.

"I did Sir'', admitted Chigozie.
''What gave you the impetus to call her that? Mr Austin enquired in a tone laced with anger.

"We... We nicknamed her Americana due to the manner she speaks", he muttered standing up.

''So because of her accent you all decided to ridicule her? Bush people! I will deal with all of you for this'' . He threatened.

"'No sir, no Sir'' the class protested... ''There is no such thing as  WE sir, shouted a girl from the back...''Chigozie is clearly on his own'', yelled another boy in agreement. Like swarm of bees, the class buzzed.

''Shut up all of you, you all roared in laughter like a cackle of hyenas when he said it. Hence, you will all be punished'', he said in a determined tone.

''My time is fast spent, he said, peeping at his wrist watch. I will deal with you all after this class. Where were we?''

To be continued...

About the author:

Obidike Michael Chidi is currently a Linguistic student of Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka.

He is a prolific writer, Storyteller, Content developer, Public Affairs Analyst, Media man and author of several yet to be published literary works. He can be reached via 08167412135 and

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