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Oct 10, 2018

My Husband Has Slept With 4 Ladies from My Facebook List, What Do I Do Now?

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My Husband Has Slept With 4 Ladies from My Facebook List

My Husband Has Slept With 4 Ladies from My Facebook List

Good day everyone, I am so mad at myself for making such a huge mistake in the first place. So I cant celebrate Gods goodness in my life and people will be so happy for me? I have been keeping my life private from social media and all.

When my husband gave me a car gift after delivery of our twin boys. The joy was too much that I share my happiness with Facebook friends. This happened last two year. So last year march, I had to celebrate my husband on his birthday, I posted 4 of his picture and tagged him for the first time, because I have not changed my Facebook name to my husbands surname .

My Facebook friends, celebrated him with me. I didn't know I have started a war for myself. Ladies flew into his inbox like flies. Even some send n!udes without asking .

One was telling him that after screwing him, he will forget me. My husband slept off last week holding his phone and I am not someone who goes to his phones often because we don't passwords our phones, but he always log out of his Facebook before he sleeps and switch off his data. He came back stressed and slept off. He didn't switch his data off and didn't log off too. The messages kept coming in and I was eager to know what it was. I opened his phone, I read messages and got choked.

Even one married woman who have no shame was sending him love text messages, asking him to give her what he gives me, that my body is too rich and she don't mind sleeping with him.

I want to leave the house for him now because I can't believe what I just read and saw. He has had s!ex with practically 4 ladies from my list and they think I have not found out. Just this year and I keep wondering are women this cheap? I confronted him and he was asking why I went to his phone at his absence and he wasn't showing remorse , telling me the women came on him like a bee and he lost himself . I was provoked and I slapped him on his face. I didn't apologize because he betrayed my trust and he is already booking appointment with the married woman for them to see. He has been apologizing but looking at him, I feel very disgusted.

His parents are rich, same as mine. I work in his fathers company. I called his parents and told them I am not happy anymore, that I will leave for now . His father said I should come stay with them, that I should not take this hasty decision at this moments. I now fear this social media more than anything in the world. Why do other women love to incur pain on another ? I want to leave this weekend.

Where should I go? Please advise me . I need your advise badly. My marriage is 6 years with three boys. My husband is 39 years, I am 33 years.

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