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Oct 25, 2018

My Marriage of 7 Months is About to Break, Please Read and Advice Me

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Am in serious pain, my marriage of 7 months is about to break because of slight misunderstanding between me and my husband

My Marriage of 7 Months is About to Break

Good day everyone, please i'm having a serious problem with my husband. It started when I asked him the reason he doesn't like wearing his wedding ring when he came back to Nigeria. He picked offence that i shouldn't ask him about his ring because according to him, that ring isn't marriage.

We had a little quarrel which I later apologized to him but my hubby is the type that can keep malice for Africa. He stopped talking to me despite the fact that I apologized. Do you know my hubby traveled to his village to see his people and stayed for 3 days without any communication, refused taking my calls.

When he came back to where we are staying, he was very down. I wanted to ignore him but I could see the way he was shivering under the duvet. I had to start asking him what was wrong because he was still not talking to me. Well I treated him (i'm a nurse), he refused eating anything but I had to force him to drink pepper soup with agidi so he could take the drugs. It was when he was talking to a friend over the phone that I overheard him telling him how his friends took him to where they drank pami and ate somethings that disorganized his system. Then his friend asked him 'but hope madam is doing something about it'. His response was "she has given me what she gave me na but i'm much better'.

For one month he was around, he didn't for one day come pick me up from work but he normally drop me in the morning. I never complained but the one that really got me very angry was the day he promised to come pick me after work. It was raining heavily that day. When I called him, he said his car is having problem and was fixing it in the mechanic. I later discovered he was with his best friend's wife at an eatery he took me to on my birthday just a stone throw from the
hospital I work. I went home drenched in the rain

The real problem started the night he took us out (me, the best friend's wife and some of his friends) to celebrate my birthday. That was the day I got to see the girl but this girl already knows everything about me. She took me one side and started telling me she has heard so much about me that even without seeing me she already developed hatred for me. That my hubby was complaining to her that I value my work more than him, that i'm too possessive and too jealous, that I want to chase all his friends away, my food is very peppery, that I allow insignificant thing like ring bother me. That the day he took her to the eatery, she asked him let them come and pick me but he refused saying I said I was going somewhere. I was really mad that a total stranger practically knows everything going on in my family.

When I came back home, I asked him those thing but he said that was not how it happened. I asked him if I give you food and you do not like it what stops you from telling me instead of a stranger.

Despite the fact I work, I still tried to create time for us because I asked him if he wants me to stop my work but he said no. He was explaining how it happened but I tried to tell him that it wasn't the way the girl presented it. The next thing oga flared up that I believed the girl more than him. Another episode of malice keeping.

The next night I asked to make food for him because he is fond of rejecting food over little misunderstanding, he said no. Around 11pm his friends called him to hang out. I took keys and locked the door. After much dragging he gave up not after I have sustained injury from the push he gave me. When he slept I snooped through his phone and what I saw left me dumbfounded. That was how I discovered this man is cheating on me. Indeed I was pained.

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In the morning I opened the door and he left around 10am and was coming back 9pm, went straight to bed and slept off. I was still angry myself and was just murmuring when I entered the room.

My hubby just got up took his car key and was leaving. This was happening around 11:30pm so I told him I will not stop him but once he stepped out that I was going to lock the door for security reason.

We started dragging the key because he said I wont lock it. Out of anger I reminded him I was the one that paid for the house that if he wants to leave he can leave. Hmmm my worst mistake.

My hubby left the house, then called everyone that I asked him to leave the house because I paid for it. My aunt begged him to come home lets resolve it but he refused. He went to lodge in a hotel, came back in the morning and asked me to give him the phones he bought for me. I refused and this man beat me up until I brought out the phones and gave him. He left to the airport. Went to lagos, lodged for 2 days and went back to his base.

I have been calling but he is not taking my calls. I have sent him countless of messages apologizing but no response. Its been 2 months he traveled back no communication. My people have all called him to make peace yet he refused.

Please I need to know if I overreacted. Despite everything he didn't for one day say he is sorry. My marriage of 7 months.

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