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Dec 8, 2018

Share Blog Posts Automatically to Facebook Page Using IFTTT [Easiest Method 2019]

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Share Blog Posts Automatically to Facebook Page Using IFTTT

Today I am going to show you the easiest method on how to share your blog posts to Facebook automatically. Many people has asked me similar questions like; How do I share my blog post on Facebook?, How do I share my WordPress blog post on Facebook?, How do I share my Blogger blog post on Facebook?, How do I share someone else's post on Facebook?, How do I link my blog to my Facebook page?

I decided to do these tutorial because I saw so many new bloggers being ripped off  their hard earned money online by those who they feel they are professionals in the business.

Please bear it in mind, if anyone message you and tell you that he/she has a social media auto publish tool or a social media auto poster software the latest version, do not fall for that. they will just give you useless software in exchange of huge amount.

Sharing blog post on Facebook automatically 2019 is as easy as posting article on your blog. Now, follow me as I show you how to do it yourself.

Blogger to Facebook Page Tutorial

STEP 1: First of all, Login to these site

STEP 2: If you have an account with them click on Sign In. If you do not have an account with them, kindly click on the Signup Button.
Note: You are expected to sign in or Sign up using your google (Gmail) or Facebook account). Do not be scared, the site is secured.

STEP 3: After you must have logged in to the site, kindly click on MY APPLETS

STEP 4: Now Chose the NEW APPLETS option by clicking on it.

STEP 5: Now, a page will open with these written on it ( If ✚this then that ). Click on ✚this which is blue in color.

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STEP 6: The next thing you need to do is to choose a SERVICE.

STEP 7: In these section, you will see different brands logo, what you need to do is to chose either BLOGGER or WordPress then click on Connect Button.

STEP 8: After clicking on the connect button, Now you have to give IFTTT access to your blog by clicking on the ALLOW BUTTON.

STEP 9: CHOOSE TRIGGER page will appear, There are two options there, now all you need to do is to select the ANY NEW POST option.

STEP 10: IFTTT will take you back to the If ✚this then that menu again ( do not panic), what you need to do here is to click on ✚that which is written in blue color.

STEP 11: It will take you to CHOOSE ACTION SERVICE menu. In these place all you need to do is out of the whole social media logos you see there, select the FACEBOOK PAGES LOGO

STEP 12: In this step all you need to do is to connect your Facebook page by selecting the CONNECT button. You are to select the particular page you wish to connect with your blog then click on the UPDATE button.

STEP 13: A CHOOSE ACTION menu will appear. In these menu there are two options, kindly select the CREATE A LINK POST OPTION. 

STEP 14: The next menu that will come up is the COMPLETE ACTION FIELD MENU. A blue box will be provided which has LINK URL  & MESSAGE section.

STEP 15: Scroll down to the MESSAGE section and click on ADD INGREDIENT. A drop down menu will appear, select only the POST TITLE option and click on CREATE ACTION button.

That is all the steps you need to take on how to link blog posts to Facebook automatically using IFTTT.

In case you have any question, kindly ask us using the comment box. Also note that in my next post i will be sharing Wordpress Auto Post to Social Media tutorial. Stay tuned.

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